AND WE shape memories

Coen Gulcher


Sander kuin

Lead singer & guitarist

Alex Vergara



The band originated from a bizarre coincidence that Accordionist Coen Gülcher and Guitarist Sander Kuin had brought their instruments to a season of wintersport. After that inseparable click was made, the duo traveled through Italy, Colombia, Belgium and France to forge their own sound. The sound is now extended with the arrival of percussionist Alex Vergara. Sweet & spicy!

The trio could be seen at various festivals such as Landjuweel, de Zon, Wildeburg, at the Jazz Festival in The Hague, ADE, Into the Woods and Paradiso. Since the spring of 2019 they have been working on their joint debut album and in 2020, due to the corona pandemic, all the necessary time could be spent on this. The album Chutney is released independently and is recorded with producer Stijn van Rijsbergen (known from Lucas Hamming.)

where is that deep bass comming from?

Well for our party sets we have an electric accordeon! It’s a very unique instrument and works amazingly well on festivals and partys to get the people going. Just one of the many things that will surprise the crowd when we play. This is really something we aim for. To surpise and get them intrigued!

Every performance is honest. It’s feels a bit like a teamwork job with the crowd. That’s what makes every performance different and memorable. We might play the music, but together with the crowd we set the vibe. Slow, fast, romantic, nostalgic, shaking and breaking, they will remember that day forever.



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Album Release

At teatre omunganga this 8. July!

We’ll host a cosy night in this Brazillian bohemian theather for you to never forget.
Invite your friends an family and let’s get together :)